Sensi Bloom Coco

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What is Sensi Coco Bloom?

Sensi Coco Bloom is a nutrient solution made for plants in their flowering phase grown in coco coir mediums. It's tailored to provide optimal nutrients that support and enhance the blooming and fruiting processes, ensuring abundant yields and high-quality produce.

Best fertilizer for flowering 

Sensi Coco Bloom is a specialized fertilizer designed to optimally support plants during their flowering phase. Thanks to its precisely balanced ingredients, it's considered one of the best fertilizers for flowering plants in coco substrates.

How does Sensi Coco Bloom work?

Sensi Coco Bloom provides plants with a precise balance of nutrients optimized for the flowering phase in coco coir. It addresses the unique nutrient needs during this crucial stage, ensuring plants have the required energy and elements to produce bountiful and potent flowers.

Why would I use Sensi Coco Bloom?

Choosing Sensi Coco Bloom ensures your flowering plants get the specific nutrients they need when grown in coco. This specialized formula promotes larger, denser flowers and fruits while maintaining the overall health of the plant. Using Sensi Coco Bloom maximizes your yield potential and enhances the quality of your harvest.

NPK Ratio for Sensi Coco Bloom:

For Sensi Coco Bloom Part A, the NPK ratio is 4-0-0. For Part B, it's 0-4-5. This combination ensures plants receive the nutrients essential for producing abundant flowers when grown in coco coir.

Sensi Coco Bloom feeding schedule:

Dosage 4 ml per 1 L of water. Maintain this 4ml per 1 liter ratio throughout the entire flowering period until harvest for optimal results. Ensure a consistent mix to provide your plants with the nutrients they need for flourishing growth and bountiful blooms.