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If you're into the idea of indoor cultivation but not sure how to start, try the Biobizz Try Pack Indoor. It joins the four members of our Try Pack family and makes it simple to gain experience using the Biobizz range of organic fertilizers.

Biobizz's TriPack Outdoor, the choice of fertilizers most commonly used outdoors, where slow nutrient dissolution is required, as both take a little longer to grow and bloom than indoors.

Grow like a pro with Indoor and Outdoor Trypacks by Biobizz

You can't go wrong with this high quality, great value, complete pack. Designed to be easy to handle, it can also be combined with any other Biobizz products or Try Packs to maximize your crop and minimize costs. This combination provides basic feeding for 1-4 plants.

BioBizz Bio Grow a unique part of the Indoor Trypack

BioBizz Bio Grow is mainly used for in the vegetative stage for soil-grown plants but it should also be used along with Bio Bizz Bio-Bloom during flowering. It should be used through flowering to provide high quality carbohydrates and potassium. Use as and when required. Generally this should be every other watering.

BioBizz Fish Mix-a great addition to the Outdoor Trypack

BioBizz Fish Mix, a base fertilizer made of fish emulsion that guarantees lush growth. The product stimulates the roots, improving the absorption of minerals and amino acids. We will be able to accelerate the growth process by starting flowering much earlier than expected.

BioBizz BioBloom a perfect product for You

Another to be featured will be Bio Bloom, which also appears in the Try Pack for Interior. This product is essential for the plant to bloom in the best possible way as it will provide all the necessary nutrients for the proper development of the fruit.

BioBizz TopMax-the best for last

Finally, we will also use a fattening product, for this we have Top Max, a flowering enhancer capable of leaving flowers thick and full of resin. It is of completely natural origin, so it does not leave any unwanted traces in the taste of our buds.

We always advise you to measure nutrient doses well using the simple tables that BioBizz provides us with.

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