Grow The Jungle - made in Spain, premium LED grow lights

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Grow The Jungle is a company from Spain who manufactures best lamps for growing plants inside your growbox. These lamps are solid, with a great look and offer best performance for the price. Many growers who are serious about growing plants trusted the brand. Under these lamps You can literally "grow the jungle". 

The manufacturer, Grow The Jungle, offers a diverse range of models made to meet everyone's needs, designed for both growth phases of plants:

  • The Lite Series: Despite its compact size, this series offers excellent performance. For instance, The Jackson Lite 150W covers up to 80cm of surface area despite its small dimensions. This series is great way to start adventure with growing. 

  • The Jackson and The Jackson Nemesis Series: These lamps provide ample efficiency for most users. For example, The Jackson Nemesis model offers the efficiency of 3 µmol/J while consuming only 200W of power. Dimensions of this lamp are enough to cover 120x60 area.

  • The Eagle and The Hydra Series: Ranging from 600W to 1000W of pure power, these are made to satisfy even the most demanding growers. Specifically, The Hydra Nemesis 600W model has an efficiency of 3 µmol/J, equivalent to the performance of a 1200W HPS lamp but with more than half the power consumption. 

  • Grow The Jungle also offers specialized models for unique applications. The Fire Ant 20W, equipped with red diodes, enhances terpenes production, leading to a superior taste and aroma in the end product. On the other hand, The Mantis 25W UV focuses on UV light to help growers combat pests and mold, while strengthening the flowers. These models show the brand's dedication to meeting the specific needs of our plants. 

Grow The Jungle lamps are made in Spain using LED diodes from best manufactures like Samsung and OSRAM. This means lamps will work for a long time while offering best performance. They are also easy to set up, look great, and are simple to use. Just take them out of box and plug in. These are main reasons why many people using Grow The Jungle lamps for their plants.