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Bilberry - a manufacturer of professional lighting panels for plants - for professional and home users

Bilberry is a brand of LED lighting for growing plants, for industry and research applications as well as home growers.
The manufacturer has created its products focusing on innovation, which is based on many years of photobiological research and professional knowledge of specialists.
Bilberry tests its lamps on many species of plants, thanks to which it is able to create an ideal spectrum with a full wave range, having light even beyond the PAR range, occurring dyes and photoreceptors. The GROW series offered in our store allows the user to change the spectrum on the control panel ( light intensity (PFD), as well as changing its spectrum (3style™), intensity and allows additional control via a free application.All these options make Billberry panels a very attractive choice for industrial applications (for greenhouses and research institutes) and hobby - for home users
By choosing Bilberry, you will take advantage of the possibilities of intelligent technology st prepared by expert photobiologists from Poland!