CFL Lighting

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For people looking for optimal solutions in the field of plant lighting in the home, an interesting alternative to modern lamps and LED Grow bulbs can be slightly cheaper, but still economical in operation of the CFL lamp. Among many proposals of such products prepared by our growshop, you will find, among others, specialized CFL light bulbs with E40 thread, rails for shifting lighting with accessories and reflectors. We have CFL lamps suitable for plant growth and flowering, with different power and different light color (cold and warm), thanks to which you can create appropriate conditions for proper plant growth and abundant crops under roofs, indoors, cut off from natural light sources . Presented bulbs are characterized by energy efficiency, emission of small amounts of heat and long life. In our offer you will find CFL lamps with different power and different color of emitted light, thanks to which you can easily adjust them to specific conditions and types of crops.