JIFFY® Bio pots & seedling trays

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What is Jiffy's Peat Pots?

Jiffy pots are renowned for their peat-based composition, providing an organic and sustainable solution for seed starting and plant propagation.

Why should I use Jiffy Pots?

Opting for Jiffy pots enhances plant growth, as these pots allow roots to naturally air prune. This results in a stronger root system and promotes healthier plant development.

Eco-friendly pots for plants:

One of the standout features of Jiffy pots is their biodegradability. Gardeners can plant them directly into the ground, reducing transplant shock and leaving no waste behind.

Jiffy seedling trays: 

The Jiffy Seedling Tray is a handy tool for gardeners, designed to give seedlings a strong start. These trays allow for uniform growth and easy transplantation, ensuring your young plants get the best foundation for healthy growth. Ideal for both amateurs and professionals, it's a must-have for planting seasons.

In the spring and summer season, when garden work is particularly high, all objects that facilitate the performance are useful. Pots in which the plants germinate are usually tiny and usually there are a lot of them. When the time comes to replant a small and delicate plant to the larger pots, peat pots are useful. Peat Garland pots are intended for sprouting plants or making seedlings at home, in a greenhouse or in a garden. Made entirely of biodegradable fiber, they allow for free germination and development of delicate roots that can easily penetrate the nonwoven fabric. At the time of transplanting, the plant along with the peat pot is placed in the target place - in the soil or in the larger pot, where the natural processes slowly decompose the pot cover. The method of germination in biodegradable pots allows to preserve the intact root system of young plants and significantly improves garden work. The Garland BIO pots are offered in two sizes - with side sizes 6 and 8 cm. Available in several sets - from 12 up to 80 pieces.

About Jiffy:

Jiffy, as a brand, stands at the forefront of horticultural solutions. Their commitment to quality and environmental responsibility has made them a go-to choice for gardeners around the world.

Jiffy Pots for Seedlings:

Jiffy pots are an excellent choice for nurturing seedlings. Their natural, peat-based composition provides a conducive environment for young plants, ensuring they get a strong start in life. The biodegradable nature also means that seedlings can be transplanted directly into the ground, minimizing root disturbance and promoting healthier growth.