Canna Rhizotonic - Root Stimulator

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Rhizotonic is a powerful root growth stimulator, produced from marine algae by Canna. This booster contains over 60 microbiologically active substances and this is the secret of its effectiveness. In addition, it is a rich source of B vitamins and trace elements. The vitamins contained in the Rhizotonic preparation are the substrate needed for the production of hormones, thanks to which the root growth is rapid.

The Rhizotonic Stimulator is 100% natural, can be used in all types of crops, and works just as well in soil, coco and hydroponic systems. It can also be used in leaf spray mixtures and as a pH (alkaline) increasing agent. It is ideal as a means of increasing immunity and reducing environmental stress related to transplanting, transport or temperature fluctuations.

By using Rhizotonic, we increase the root system of plants, however, it should be remembered that in the substrate there are also nutrients necessary for plants for life, without which the roots will not perform their functions. A suitable preparation that will work well with this stimulator is the Terra Vega fertilizer, a nutrient for the vegetation phase (it should be used from the moment of rooting of the cuttings until the beginning of the flowering phase). Rhizotonic will provide hormones and micronutrients and Terra Vega will be responsible for the availability of macronutrients, in this combination our crop will be provided with everything it needs during the growth period.