Aqua Master Tools

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Measuring tools for pH, EC and temperature of nutrient solutions in hydroponics

After years of working with measuring instruments, a lot of knowledge and experience has accumulated. Estabilished in the Netherlands in 2018, Aqua Master Tools stands for precision, affordability, and user-friendliness.  We create our own products starting from concept to mass production, while constantly listening to our customers feedback, providing them with a product that will meet their expectations.

Aqua Master Tools Pen Meters: Conductivity, EC and Temp meters

Aqua Master Tools makes simple and reliable pen meters. These tools help you measure things like pH, temperature, or conductivity. They are solid and easy to use, ensuring correct results. Customers choosing Aqua Master pen meters because they work well and last long. It shows Aqua Master Tools' promise to give the best to its users.

Aqua Master Tools Specialized Meters: for soil and substrates

Aqua Master Tools offers meters specifically designed for soil and substrates. These meters accurately measure pH, EC, temperature and other values, ensuring the best conditions for plant growth. Easy to use and reliable, they are essential tools for anyone wanting to get the most out of their soil or substrate. Accurate info about these values makes it much easier to take care of the plant's health.

Storage and calibration fluids from Aqua Master Tools company

Aqua Master Tools provides top-notch storage and calibration liquids to maintain the accuracy of their meters. These solutions are designed to ensure that your tools deliver consistent and reliable readings every time. Whether you're calibrating or storing, using Aqua Master's dedicated liquids guarantees prolonged device efficiency and precision.

Aqua Master Tools Combo Meter: all-in-one 

Aqua Master Tools has a combo meter that's perfect for those who want many measurements in one tool. It's easy to use and gives clear, correct results. With this meter, you can quickly check things like pH, temperature, and conductivity. Many customers choose it because it combines multiple functions, making it both handy and efficient. Aqua Master Tools makes sure their products are trusted and helpful.