Soil meters

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Soil Tester for pH:

Soil meters are indispensable tools for growers, offering real-time insights into the soil's pH, moisture, and nutrient levels, helping ensure optimal plant health and yield.

Soil Test Kit: 

A soil test kit empowers gardeners with vital information on soil conditions. By accurately measuring pH, nutrient levels, and other essential parameters, it ensures that plants get the optimal environment for growth.

Soil Meters for every budget:

From beginners to seasoned gardeners, we offer a diverse range of soil meters made to suit every budget, ensuring quality measurements without compromising on affordability.

Professional soil meters from Milwaukee and Bluelab:

For those desiring precision and reliability, Milwaukee and Bluelab soil meters stand out. Engineered for excellence, these brands cater to professionals demanding the highest standards in soil analysis.

Garland Soil Thermometer:

The Garland soil thermometer is a precise tool for monitoring soil temperature, a crucial factor in seed germination and plant root development. Easy to use and durable, it's an indispensable asset for any serious gardener.

Garland Soil NPK Tester Kit:

The Garland set provides 60 NPK tests, a comprehensive solution for those seeking to accurately gauge their soil's nutrient balance, vital for thriving plants.