LENI hydroponics pots

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Hydroponic cultivation of houseplants in LENI hydro pots

Leni pots are designed for hydroponic cultivation of indoor plants. Dedicated substrate will be chemically inert granules, for example Plagron Euro Pebbles

In hydroculture, the growers use expanded clay (a special hydroponic substrate) instead of soil. This has the great advantage that the water is optimally maintained and thus the watering intervals are noticeably longer. Thanks to the LENI water level indicator, we can carefully control the watering of our plants. Despite the constant water supply, no mold develops on the surface of the pot, which can happen when growing in soil. With the help of expanded clay, the roots are optimally aerated, which means that there are almost no problems with their diseases. Incidentally, hydroponics is suitable for most plant species.

Hydroponic pots for indoor plants:

LENI plastic pots are specifically designed for a variety of cultivation methods, including hydroponic, soil-based, and mixed medium growing. These pots are made from recycled PP plastic, which is not only environmentally friendly due to its origin but also fully recyclable. Their durability and resilience make them an excellent choice for growers who demand quality and sustainability.

LENI Hydroponic water level indicator:

The hydroponic LENI water level gauge is a favored tool for ensuring plants are adequately watered. Designed for hydroponic plants, this indicator provides a clear view of the ideal water level, making it easier during both routine waterings and extended periods, such as vacations.

Why should I use LENI hydroponic pots?

Using LENI pots for hydroponics offers numerous benefits. These pots are specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of hydroponic plants, ensuring that they receive the right amount of water and nutrients. The built-in water level gauge in LENI pots provides a clear indication of the optimal water level, reducing the guesswork and potential overwatering. Moreover, being made from recycled and recyclable plastic material, they are both durable and environmentally friendly, making them an ideal choice for sustainable gardening.