VERTICANA - for houseplants & green walls

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VERTICANA® - LED lightning designed to be human and plant-grow friendly

Dive into the world of Verticana® - where lighting transcends the ordinary, support both human comfort and plant growth. Verticana® has made a white light spectrum that not only accentuates the natural splendor of your garden but also promotes vigorous plant growth. This is achieved through a high color rendering index that aligns perfectly with the wavelengths required for efficient photosynthesis. Verticana® provides a gentle white light that's agreeable to the human eye while simultaneously catering to plant photosynthesis requirements. With Verticana®, you and your plants can thrive in a mutually nurturing environment.

Best greenwall lighting

Greenwalls, or vertical gardens, represent the union of nature and urban design. For such innovative spaces, the right lighting is crucial. Verticana® stands out as the preferred choice for greenwalls and living walls, illuminating them with precision and grace. Its specialized light spectrum accentuates the verdant beauty of these vertical landscapes while ensuring each plant receives the optimal light for growth. If you're looking to elevate your greenwall to its fullest potential, Verticana® is the luminary solution you've been searching for. This makes Verticana great choice for shop exhibitions with plants.


Light for houseplants like Palm, Yucca, Ficus, Monstera or many more

Whether you're nurturing a vibrant Pothos, a stately Yucca, a lush Ficus, or a sprawling Monstera, Verticana® is your ultimate lighting companion. Its unique light spectrum caters to a wide array of popular indoor plants, fostering their lush growth and highlighting their intrinsic beauty. Beyond promoting vibrant growth in these popular indoor plants, Verticana® offers a light quality that's comfortable for human eyes. This means you can comfortably spend time amidst your leafy companions, even when they're being illuminated. 

Garden light system

From individual bulbs to extensive 2-meter rail systems, Verticana® offers best lighting. Our diverse lens range, spanning from 15 to 80 degrees, ensures precise light directionality, enabling you to illuminate your plants exactly as desired. Our systems are easy-to-use and doesnt require specific knowledge. Whatever your plant setup, Verticana® delivers the perfect lighting solution.