HPS/MH Reflectors

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To increase the luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamps or metal halide discharge lamps, in the case of isolated plant crops, the so-called reflectors. Reflectors are simple constructions equipped with frames, for which both HPS lamps and MH lamps fit. Their task is to reflect as much light as possible and direct it to plants, thus stimulating their faster development. Among the proposals of our store you will find professional reflectors for lamps of many types, including designs with adjustable wingspan, which gives the opportunity to simulate seasonal changes, as well as cheap reflectors made of perforated aluminum together with a ceramic lamp holder for HPS lamps with a standard E40 thread. On the list of products in this category you will also find special, vented reflectors in which you can place the HPS lamps with the highest power, as well as rails for shifting lighting or special hangers for hanging reflectors directly above the cultivated plants.