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What is Topmax?

BioBizz's TopMax is a 100% organic flowering stimulator, consisting of the pure essence of special flowers, seaweed and leonardite. TopMax stimulates flower cells and increases the transport of sugar molecules in flowers, creating abundant flower growth. TopMax also contributes to the delicate, sweet taste of the finished product. Although intended for use with soil, TopMax can also be used with Coco-Mix and other media.

What is Bio Heaven?

Your plants are eagerly awaiting the full, all-round nirvana from Bio Heaven. It contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino acids - the basic building blocks of proteins and enzymes necessary for plant structure and metabolism. As a result, this specially formulated energy booster not only improves the performance and translocation of nutrients in all foliar sprays and fertilizer blends, but also removes toxins by enhancing the plant's antioxidant system and repairing chlorophyll production.

Usage of Bio Bizz TopMax

Bio Bizz TopMax drives abundant flowering while enhancing the flavor of herbs and vegetables in your garden. TopMax is perfectly suited to the soil, but can also be used in other growing media. Top Max has a three-fold purpose: to facilitate the absorption of nutrients in plants, dramatically increasing the actual size and weight of flower clusters and leaving a sweet, smooth flavor in the finished product. The unusual way in which Top Max supports the flow of nutrients is possible thanks to the use of humic acids. In the first weeks of flowering, we recommend a dose of 1 ml per liter of water. As harvest approaches and before rinsing, the dose may be increased to 4 ml per liter of water

Benefits of using Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven stimulates enzymatic activity and rapid absorption of nutrients, while increasing the chelate of the necessary macro and microelements. Plants are also able to retain more moisture and as a result experience less moisture stress. Additionally, it provides an excellent source of carbonic acid for soil microorganisms. Ultimately, the crop performs better and you can expect a higher quality crop.

How to use Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven can be used throughout the growth and flowering period on any type of substrate, coconut mix or hydroponic systems. When using All · Mix or Light · Mix, the ideal dose starts at 2 ml and slowly increases to 5 ml per liter of water.

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