LED GROW bulbs

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Why should You use LED Bulbs for plant growing? LED Bulbs set for every grower

LED bulbs are the top choice for efficient lighting, turning more of their energy into light and less into heat. This cuts down on electricity costs and is eco-friendly. Their long life means fewer replacements, saving you even more. We understand the diverse needs of growers. That's why we offer pre-packaged sets of splitters combined with bulbs. These kits are tailored to meet varying cultivation requirements, ensuring that every grower finds a lighting solution that fits their specific needs. Choose from our curated sets for a hassle-free, optimized growing experience.

E27 LED grow bulbs:

Our LED bulbs feature the E27 socket, a universal fit for most fixtures. Easy to install, they integrate smoothly into various setups, whether for plants or general lighting.

LED splitters:

Our range of lamp splitters offers you flexibility in your lighting setup. Whether you need a single socket or a splitter that accommodates up to 7 sockets, we have you covered. These splitters are designed for efficient light distribution, making it easier to customize your lighting arrangement.

For lovers of home grown plants we have prepared a long list of specialized Led Grow bulbs. It is a high quality equipment that will allow you to create optimal conditions for plant growth in various stages of its development. Among our proposals, you can find, among others inexpensive Led Grow bulbs for use throughout the life of the plant and more specialized models for example: growth, flowering, full spectrum supplementation, flowering control and universal. Presented bulbs are a perfect complement to professional growbox sets, as well as a good base to prepare your own, fully professional set for growing plants under the roof, in conditions of partial or total isolation from sunlight. It is worth noting that our Led Grow bulbs match standard E27 threaded holders. We also offer sets of this type of light bulbs with splitters, as well as the same splitters with various number of sockets, with standard E27 thread. Thanks to this you can buy the entire lighting set or a single light bulb missing from you.

5W LED bulb:

Suited for young plants and seedlings, bulbs up to 15W offer gentle light without overwhelming the plants. They're ideal for early growth stages and small plants. Our range spans from 5W to 15W for these applications.

LED bulb 18W:

Our 18W bulbs are perfect for mature plants needing intense light. They support photosynthesis effectively, serving both vegetative and flowering phases. For an all-phase solution, consider our 54W Universal LED bulb.