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What is coco coir?

Coconut coir is a material made out of the husk of coconuts. It is similar to soil, but it also has some characteristics of a hydroponic system, making it a great middle ground. Its lack of nutritional content gives you complete control over what your plants receive. Coco also promotes root growth, so with proper care your plants will be stronger than ones grown in regular soil.

Dedicated nutrients for COCO

Coco requires using different nutrients than soil. We offer products which will help your plants both in the growing and blooming stages, as well as complete kits, which remove the hassle of having to choose separate products for each stage of growth. On offer there are also products which help regulate the pH of your coir, which is necessary with such a nutrient neutral substrate.

What fertilizer to use when growing in COCO

It is important to use a calcium magnesium supplement, as coco often suffers from deficiency of those two elements. Calcium helps create new cells, leading to larger crop yields, magnesium helps plants capture light, which helps with growth. We offer both dedicated products for fulfilling particular needs of your plants as well as kits and nutrient programmes, which are complete and don’t require extra tuning. Companies like Advanced Nutrients, BAC or Biotabs offer a very wide range of products to satisfy the needs of every grower.