Herbgarden fabric pots

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Herbgarden Jungle Pots are the non-woven pots made of 260g material, they are very thick - can we used indoor & outdoor. You can add to the Jungle Bags pots additional anti-weed cover, suitable for both - round and square models.

Why it is worth to use the fabric pots instead of plastic pots?

  • You can save up to week of vegetative growth stage
  • Roots are strong and developing faster - better access of air to the roots
  • Roots do not grow in circles, which makes the root system more healthy
  • Difficult to over water - the excess of water drains through the fabric
  • Roots stay colder during the high temperatures
  • They can be used for a couple of seasons

Do I need to have the pot saucers to use with the fabric pots?

Yes, you will need saucers or trays for fabric grow bags to contain drainage water from your plants.