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Biotabs Guerilla Tabs is an organic fertilizer in the form of long-acting tablets. They contain all the macro and microelements necessary for the healthy development of plants. It is perfect for outdoor cultivation, in particular guerrilla cultivation, when we do not have the possibility of frequent visits to our plants and their systematic fertilization. For best results, Guerilla Tabs should be used in conjunction with Guerilla Juice liquid fertilizer.

What are Guerilla Tabs made of?

The composition of Guerilla Tabs includes sea algae, seaweed meal, fish meal, humic acid, feather meal and a large population, as many as 6 species of soil bacteria, which ensure that all ingredients have been broken down into elements necessary for plants. Humic acid facilitates and increases the absorption of these ingredients by plants. This unique combination of organic substances will make your plants grow healthily, bear fruit and give a large yield.

Advantages of using Guerilla Tabs

With BioTabs fertilizers you can forget about pH or EC measurements. The soil microorganisms will play this role for you. The Guerilla Tabs fertilizer is convenient to use, guarantees healthy plants, high yields and a great fruit taste! It is enough to bury the tablets in the soil near the plant root zone to a depth of about 5 cm, pour water and let the microorganisms work.

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