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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a way of cultivating plants without the use of soil. Instead, nutrient-enriched water is used. This way of growing plants is characterized by fast growth, which saves you both money and time. There is a reason this way of cultivation is so commonly used on the industrial level. Not using soil lets the plant access the nutrients directly, leading to faster growth and better control of your crops. 

Dedicated nutrients for hydroponics

Choosing proper nutrients for hydroponics is very important.  Not using soil lets you control the nutrients your plants receive Our selection consists not only of dedicated products for hydroponics, but also ones which can be used universally. We supply items from only the best and most trusted manufacturers, like Dutchpro, Growth Technology, and Terra Aquatica. 

What fertilizer to use when growing in hydroponics

All fertilizers used in hydroponics need to be water soluble. Before you buy make sure you check whether the water you want to use for cultivation is hard or soft. We offer fertilizers for bothFertilizer sets are a great way to ensure satisfying results for your crops. Depending on the stage of development your plant might need different nutrients. Buying a fertilizer kit for hydroponics removes the hassle of having to choose different products for each stage of growth.