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The advanced cultivation tents are not only prepared to be connected with parts of the necessary installations and equipped with various amenities. They can also find their place in any interior, including rooms where we spend a lot of time. The Secret Jardin brand available in our store is a proposition of high-quality construction, made of reliable materials that look good at the same time. Each growbox from this series, thanks to its transparent walls, exposes the charms of the plantation under the roof, making it an original element of interior design.

Advantages of using Hydro Shoot tents

The interior of the Secret Jardin growbox is a set of well-thought-out solutions that, above all, ensure constant conditions conducive to plant growth. The inner shell increases the projection of lighting by several dozen percent, and hermetic collars allow you to connect ventilation that absorbs odors emitted outside and provides fresh air inside the crop. The waterproof and reusable coating is the greatest secret of the brand's designers, allowing for long-term use of the structure, even during intensive work with seedlings.

Wide variety of Hydro Shoot tents

Secret Jardin tents are available in many sizes, so you can set them up depending on the height of the plants or the purpose of the crop. From small boxes to large dimensions - we have solid, durable, supporting your cultivation grow boxes at extremely low prices, with a manufacturer's warranty and a full list of accessories necessary to put up a ready-to-start installation for indoor farming.

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