Garland trays

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The gardening trays are the perfect multi-functional tool for the gardener, ensuring the proper development of the plants, especially in the early stages. They are made of the highest quality materials that are adapted to contact with fertilizers. The material from which the trays are made is a flexible and strong material resistant to mechanical damage. It can be used as a stand for several pots. It is also a great tool for gardening work, such as transplanting seedlings.

Advantages of using Gardening trays

The tray can be filled with soil or a growing mat, which makes it possible to grow the plants selected by the user without the need for a garden, plot or cultivation field. By using growing trays, you can keep the growing room tidy. The offer of Garland's cultivation trays is very rich. There are various sizes to choose from - from small trays for young plants to large trays that can accommodate a few / a dozen plants. You can choose trays with or without drainage. Growing trays can be perfect on window sills, pot support or growbox equipment.

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