Gardening accessories

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The 'Gardening Accessories' category offers essential tools for every gardener's needs. From pipettes for precise measurements and gloves for protection, to plant labels for organization, watering cans for hydration, sieves for soil preparation, and gardening tape and wire for plant support. These carefully selected items ensure an effective gardening experience, useful for beginners and advanced growers.

Pipettes for Gardening:

In horticulture, pipettes serve as precise tools for delivering nutrients and treatments directly to plants. Their accuracy ensures that plants receive the exact amount needed, preventing wastage or over-saturation.

Garden Wire and Tape:

Garden wire and tape are essential tools for plant training and support. The wire provides strength and flexibility, while the tape ensures a gentle grip on the plants, preventing any damage.

Plant Wrap Tags & Plant Labels:

Plant wrap tags and labels are indispensable for organized growers. They help in easily identifying various plants, their growth stages, or specific care instructions, ensuring each plant receives the tailored care it requires.

Odor-proof Bags:

Odor-proof bags are a must-have for gardeners and growers aiming to discreetly store or transport aromatic herbs or plants. These bags are designed to lock in strong scents, ensuring a hassle-free and confidential storage solution.


Growing your own plants in enclosed spaces will be possible if you have previously obtained the right accessories to facilitate this cultivation. In this section, we propose a lot of useful products, with the help of which the care of our favorite plants will become much simpler, and thus simply possible. Our offer includes, among others, temperature and humidity meters, which enables precise crop control. We offer nets designed to inhibit excessive growth (thus allowing its control).
Accessories for growing plants are definitely more than just plants that help plants. We offer secateurs, sprinklers, water tanks. Our offer is even wider. We cordially invite everyone to learn more about our extremely extensive offer.