HPS 400W lighting

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For growers looking for more powerful soda bulbs, our store has prepared several models of 400W high pressure discharge lamps. The high power of the presented bulbs automatically translates into their high luminous efficiency. For example, a 400W Osram HPS lamp, achieves a lighting output of the order of 55 thousand lumens. It is worth adding that the average lifespan of the bulb is estimated by its manufacturer for 32 thousand working hours. HPS lamps with a power of 400W offer a universal color of light, which works well both during the growth and in the flowering phase of plants. Of course, all HPS 400W lamps we offer have a standard E40 thread. You can buy a dedicated reflector for each sodium vapor lamp. Reflectors are equipped with frames, and some models also include power supplies. There is not the slightest problem if the power supply or frame you want to buy separately. We have electronic and magnetic power supplies, as well as professional frames with the possibility of connecting the cooling system to the lamp.