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Modern, fully professional sets for growing green plants in enclosed spaces, in homes, garages, basements and many others. In the offer of our growshop store, smaller sets for beginners who are just learning to grow plants under the roof and extensive, fully professional sets for real professionals who want to create ideal conditions for growing plants at home. Regardless of size, each growbox set consists of a tent for growing plants - a tight tent is the basis for creating the optimal climate for indoor growing, growing and flowering various plant species, a lighting system that includes special types of bulbs and reflectors, an air ventilation system consisting of carbon filters and fans, as well as a time programmer and a mini meteorological station. Growbox set is of course also fertilizers, thanks to which plants will be healthier and greener. The larger sets also include other helpful accessories, such as handles, ventilation ducts, mats, air humidifiers and others.


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