EC meters

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What is an EC Meter for?

EC, standing for Electrical Conductivity, gauges the concentration of dissolved salts or nutrients in a liquid. EC meters are essential tools for cultivators, allowing them to monitor and adjust nutrient levels, ensuring optimal plant health and growth.

Find simple and advanced EC meters in our store

In our offering, you'll find EC meters suitable for a range of needs, from simple and easy-to-use models perfect for home use, to professional-grade devices from renowned brands. Regardless of your cultivation scale or expertise, we have an EC meter to suit your requirements.

Milwaukee EC Meters:

Milwaukee is renowned for producing high-quality EC meters that stand out for their accuracy and reliability, assisting growers in optimizing plant hydration and nutrition.

Bluelab EC Meters:

Bluelab offers EC meters with advanced features that are not only precise but also user-friendly, ensuring an optimal cultivation experience.

The Importance of EC in Plant Cultivation:

Monitoring EC (Electrical Conductivity) is pivotal in plant cultivation as it directly reflects the nutrient concentration in a solution. Properly managed EC ensures that plants absorb the right amount of nutrients, preventing nutrient burn or deficiency. By keeping a close eye on EC levels, cultivators can optimize plant health, leading to stronger growth and enhanced yields. Neglecting EC can risk the overall health and productivity of the garden, making it an indispensable parameter in successful cultivation.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of electrolytic conductivity meters for plant growing in growboxes. ECmeters, also called conductometers, are devices for measuring the level of electrolytic conductivity of a solution for irrigation of plants, the amount of nutrients contained in it. EC meters indicate the concentration of salts dissolved in the solution. They are irreplaceable in the case of hydroponic indoor crops. In the Growtent store assortment you will find both meters for instant EC level measurement and EC monitors for continuous measurements. In the continuous sale we also have meters that, in addition to the electrolytic conductivity level, are also pH meters and indicate the sum of substances dissolved in water (TDS level).