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Some seeds can germinate quicker and healthier when supplied with warm soil. Many plant requires particular air temparutre to be able to grow. Creating friendly circumstances for your plants is ideal for sucessful growth.

What are the heating mats in the garden for?

A heating mat allows to provide the right temperature for plants and protect them from the cold. Mats are often recommended when the temperature around our plants drops to approximately 15°C. Heating mats are a good way to improve rooting of cuttings and stimulate their root zone. The heat causes the seeds to germinate faster and improve the growth period of the plant. Just put the pots or propagator on the heating mat or place the mat inside of Your growbox, and the mat will allow You to maintain the desired temperature for Your plant and warm its roots. Apart from the garden, heating mats can be used to heat other things, e.g. an aquarium or terrarium. In our home, we can find many applications for the mat.

Heating mats:

Our offer includes heating mats from renowned producers: ROOT! T, Neptune Hydroponics, Airontek. The multitude of models translates into a large selection of mat sizes, and their low prices will work for any budget. Some of the offered models are waterproof, which provides a greater number of applications. ROOT! T heating mats have a thermostat, sold separately, which will allow us to easily and accurately regulate the temperature of the mat.

Easy way to germinate plants:

The combination of products such as a propagator, heating mat and rooting agent allows to accelerate the germination of seeds and reduce the number of errors. By placing the seeds in a propagator with a heating mat and additional use of a rooting stimulant, the effects will be visible with the naked eye. A large increase in the yield of our seeds gives us a quick return on investment, and the multitude of applications of the propagator and mat will be useful for other activities in our garden.