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What is Advanced Nutrients Overdrive? 

Overdrive is a premium flower booster designed to enhance the late blooming phase, giving plants an extra push. It provides key nutrients to revitalize the flowering process, ensuring better yield and potency. Formulated with an array of high-quality ingredients, Overdrive helps to produce bigger, denser flowers and fruits, while also enhancing their aroma and flavor. For growers aiming to maximize their plants' potential during the final stages of bloom, Overdrive is an essential addition.

Flower booster for late blooming phase

Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients is a flower booster for the late blooming phase. It gives plants the extra nutrients they need to finish flowering strong, resulting in bigger and more potent blooms

How does Advanced Nutrients Overdrive work?

Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients should be applied during the flowering stage. It boosts the plants' growth, guaranteeing enhanced size and quality of blooms. Furthermore, it stimulates the production of flowers while augmenting resins, terpenoids, and their overall fragrance and aroma."

AN Overdrive NPK ratio:

Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients boasts an NPK ratio of 1-5-4. This means it contains 1% Nitrogen (N), 5% Phosphorus (P), and 4% Potassium (K). Such a blend is meticulously crafted to provide plants with the specific nutrients they need during the late blooming phase. The emphasis on phosphorus and potassium ensures that flowers develop with enhanced size and quality, while the nitrogen content supports overall plant health.

Advanced Nutriens Overdrive feeding schedule:

For dosing Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients, it's recommended to mix 2ml with every 1 liter of water. This particular dosage should be adhered to during the last 3 weeks of the flowering phase. Following this regimen ensures your plants get the right nutrients to fully maximize their blooming potential during these crucial weeks.