Classic pots - square & round

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Round & Square plastic production pots:

Plastic production pots, whether round or square, serve as foundational elements for many gardening and horticulture needs. These versatile containers are perfect for growing a variety of plants, ensuring proper root aeration and effective water drainage. Additional advantage of plastic pots is their low weight.  

Cheap and flexible plastic pots:

The flexibility and affordability of these plastic pots make them an excellent choice for various applications. Not only are they cost-effective for mass usage, but their resilience also allows them to be easily inserted into decorative pots, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank. Pots in our offer are made in EU.

Many different sizes of plastic pots available in our store:

Our wide offer of production pots is made for every gardener's needs, spanning a broad range of sizes. Starting from the compact 0.5L pots, ideal for seedlings and smaller plants, to intermediate sizes like 7L and 11L for growing mediums, and culminating in the spacious 30L containers, we ensure the right fit for every plant.

Cheap Plastic Square & Round Pots. Industrial pots are the most flexible pots for growing. In our offer you will find popular 11L, 14L, for large plants, 18L and 25L for the mother plant, 6 or 7 liter pots for small auto-flowering plants and small square containers for germination and seedlings. In store you will find wide selection of many sizes of black production pots, all of them made in EU! Those pots can be also used as inner pots for your decorative pots