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Cloning & Rooting

Cloning and rooting are pivotal techniques in horticulture, allowing for the propagation of plants from cuttings. Cloning ensures the genetic replication of a parent plant, while rooting establishes a strong foundation for this new plant's growth. By employing these methods, gardeners and growers can expand their gardens, maintain desired traits, and ensure consistency throughout their crops.

Propagators in horticulture

Propagators are invaluable tools in horticulture, designed to create the ideal environment for seeds to germinate and cuttings to root. By maintaining consistent humidity and temperature, they pave the way for robust plant growth from the earliest stages.

Electric (Heated) Propagators

Electric or heated propagators elevate the art of propagation. By gently warming the soil, they expedite the germination process, particularly beneficial for seeds that require higher temperatures. These devices ensure quicker, more consistent results, especially in cooler climates.

Garland Tray's

The Garland Tray, a product of the esteemed Garland company, stands out in the realm of gardening accessories. Durable and versatile, these tray's is designed to accommodate various plants, ensuring optimal water drainage and root growth. It's an essential for every serious gardener.

Basic needs during germination process:

Why do I need a propagator? Although many seeds can germinate without our help, greater success can be achieved if we create the ideal conditions for the seeds to come to life. To germinate from seed, plants have three basic requirements: moisture, oxygen from the air, and the right temperature. Not all of them need light to germinate. It may seem simple enough, but at no other time in its life is the plant more susceptible to changes in its environment than it is during the germination process. Young seedlings are very delicate and have not yet managed to build resistance to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. The excess of both of these basic needs can be so damaging to young plants as if they were not satisfied at all. If conditions are not conducive to germination, some seeds will remain dormant until conditions improve, others will die. In our offer you will find a wide selection of propagators & trays. When choosing, first of all pay attention to whether the greenhouse has adjustable ventilation and whether the cultivation tray has drainage (holes at the bottom of the tray which will help in draining residual amount of water).

Garland Cultivation Trays

In our store’s offer You will find cultivation trays from the British manufacturer Garland. Planting using a tray, allows You to select good quality seedlings that will have a better chance of germination in the soil and will also be useful for plant cloning. They can act as a base or the bottom of the pot, which is especially useful in the hydroponic method of cultivation. Those can also be used for mixing nutrients with the soil, thus avoiding unnecessary mess. These trays will also be useful in the garage, where they will help us keep everything in order or serve as a tool stand.

Garland the manufacturer of cultivation trays:

Garland is a British manufacturer of cultivation trays and many other gardening products. Trays are made out of high-quality, lightweight plastic, which makes them more resistant to mechanical damage. Trays are adapted to contact with fertilizers.

Trays for sowing and hydroponics:

The sowing trays contain additional mineral wool or nutrient inserts, which will ensure optimal water and air flow, also helping Your cuttings to develop a healthy and abundant root system quickly. Eazy plug® or Root Riot sowing trays are equipped with additional inserts containing balanced nutrients for our seedling, which will allow us to reduce the chance of making a mistake. Grodan trays contain mineral wool, which allows for optimal air and water flow, so that the cuttings take root better.

Choosing a cultivation tray:

The choice of the tray depends on the activities we will perform. For mixing soil, it is worth considering the purchase of a tidying tray intended for this purpose, but if You’ll use it for planting, it is worth considering a relatively flat tray, of the desired size. If You want to make sure that the seedling grows out properly, consider buying a tray containing inserts of wool or nutrients that will help increase the chance of achieving the desired effect.