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Professional irrigation systems, pumps, various types of granulates and specialized technical accessories are the necessary equipment to create the right conditions for effective cultivation of plants at home, indoors. Hydroponics, like artificial lighting, is the basis for all crops carried out in isolated rooms, in specially adapted for this purpose tents or glass showcases. On the list of products that you will find in our store are, among others complete hydroponic systems, high-quality water pumps, granulates that are the basis for growing plants, as well as various types of hoses, connectors and other specialized accessories for professional irrigation systems. What is worth emphasizing, hydroponics gives the opportunity to grow plants on various types of substrates, it can be a classic universal soil, mineral wool, the aforementioned special granulate or coconut. It should also be mentioned that hydroponics means the possibility of precise dosing of nutrients, and thus providing plants with optimal conditions for their growth.