Inline fans

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Ventilation system for plants Ensuring proper ventilation in closed rooms where green plants are grown is the best way to create optimal conditions for their development and at the same time a good way to get rid of too intense odors at the flowering stage. The offer of our store includes professional duct fans of various types, that is equipment that is the basis of every effective mechanical ventilation system - ventilation that forces the circulation of air in a closed room, ie garage, basement or a special tent for growing plants. Our offer includes classic duct fans of various power, with or without adjustment of revolutions, radial fans with the possibility of setting the desired temperature and number of revolutions, as well as high quality ionizers and small technical accessories in the form of various types of connectors. The presented duct fans are a perfect solution for amateur and more professional home grown crops. They are equipment characterized by quiet operation, low energy consumption and high performance.