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OSRAM is one of the largest companies producing light sources and lighting systems in the world. HPS Plantastar bulbs are a series created by Osram, dedicated to growing plants. The bulbs are ideal for growing indoors. Lamps from the Plantastar series are characterized by excellent light efficiency, which optimizes the photosynthesis process. These HPS lamps emit light with the right color temperature for plant development - 2000 K.

Advantages of using OSRAM Plantastar lamps

More than two Plantastar bulbs are DUAL type bulbs - they are perfect for the growth and flowering phase. The sturdy, durable design means these lamps last longer than comparable lamps on the market, and since there is no moving starter antenna, parts won't come loose. It is characterized by an extremely constant luminous flux during the first 10,000 hours of light.

Characteristics of OSRAM Plantastar lamps

The lifetime of the bulb is 32,000 hours. After this time or every two years, it is recommended to replace the lamps. All lamps have an E40 thread, and their power ranges from 250W to 600W. Works best in combination with a suitable reflector and power supply with the same power as the lamp itself.

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