Sensi Bloom

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What is Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A&B? Base nutrients

Sensi Bloom A&B by Advanced Nutrients is a meticulously crafted two-part nutrient solution tailored for the blooming phase of plants. Designed to optimize flower and fruit production, this formula ensures that plants receive the precise nutrients they need during their critical flowering stage. The unique composition of Sensi Bloom A&B supports vibrant blooms, increases yields, and ensures that plants reach their full genetic potential. Used together, Parts A and B offer a complete nutritional package for superior blooming results.

How does Sensi Bloom work? Flowering nutrients

Sensi Bloom provides key nutrients for plants during their flowering stage. Its balanced formula promotes dense and healthy flowers, enhances sugar and essential oil production, and boosts aroma. Using Sensi Bloom results in richer, high-quality blooms.

Why would I use Sensi Bloom? 

Sensi Bloom is designed for the flowering stage, providing plants with essential nutrients for optimal yields. Its pH Perfect technology maintains the ideal pH automatically, making feeding simpler and ensuring top-quality blooms. Using Sensi Bloom ensures the best results during the critical flowering phase.

Sensi Bloom feeding schedule:

During the flowering stage, it's essential to provide plants with the right nutrients. For those using Sensi Bloom by Advanced Nutrients, the recommended dosage is straightforward. Throughout the entire blooming period, you should mix 4 ml of Sensi Bloom with every 1 liter of water. This consistent nutrient application ensures that your plants receive the essential elements they need for optimal flower development and growth.

Sensi Bloom NPK ratio:

Sensi Bloom A&B by Advanced Nutrients has a specific nutrient profile designed to optimize plant growth during the flowering stage. The NPK ratio for Sensi Bloom Part A is 3-0-0, which means it has a higher nitrogen content. On the other hand, Sensi Bloom Part B has an NPK ratio of 2-4-8, emphasizing phosphorus and potassium, crucial elements for flower development and overall plant health during this phase. This balanced nutrient approach ensures plants get the right nutrients they need for robust and vibrant flowering.