Rhino Skin

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What is Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin? Potassium silicate

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin strengthens plants and enhances their overall health. It's formulated with the most absorbable silica form, making it more effective and easier for plants to take in compared to other silica products.

Silica for plants

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin provides plants with essential silica, a vital nutrient that fortifies and strengthens plant structure. By supplying plants with Rhino Skin, you're ensuring they get the best form of silica to support robust growth, resilience, and overall health. This added strength allows plants to thrive, even under challenging conditions.

Why should i use Rhino Skin?

Using Rhino Skin is a smart choice for growers who want to optimize their plants' health and resilience. This product, enriched with highly soluble silica, ensures that plants receive a beneficial boost in cell wall strength. As a result, plants are better equipped to handle various environmental stresses, resist pests, and absorb essential nutrients efficiently. Furthermore, the user-friendly nature of Rhino Skin ensures that plants can easily absorb its benefits, giving growers a straightforward solution to enhance plant health and potentially improve yields.

Rhino Skin NPK ratio:

Rhino Skin has an NPK ratio of 0-0-0.4, this means it doesn't have nitrogen (N) or phosphorus (P), but it has a small amount of potassium (K). Even though the numbers are low, it's important for plant health. The 0.4 in potassium helps plants use water and nutrients better and can make them stronger, especially with Rhino Skin.

Rhino Skin feeding schedule

Use Rhino Skin by adding 2 ml to every 1 liter of water. Start using it when your plants begin to grow and keep using it when they start to flower. Stop using it one week before you pick the plants. This helps your plants grow strong and healthy.