Jungle Juice

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Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice - 3-component fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice is a three-part nutrient system that is designed to help plants grow big and strong. It is made from a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients, including fish, kelp, humic acid, and chelated minerals.

Jungle Juice Grow - growth fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Grow is precision-engineered for the vegetative phase, supplying plants with the nutrients essential for energetic and expansive growth. Its balanced NPK formulation ensures that plants establish strong roots and verdant foliage, preparing them for a fruitful bloom phase. Incorporate Jungle Juice Grow to maximize the early life of your plants and set the stage for an impressive flowering period.

Jungle Juice Micro - micronutrient fertilizer

Jungle Juice Micro by Advanced Nutrients is the backbone of a successful feeding regimen, offering the critical micronutrients vital to maintaining the health and vigor of plants. As the foundation of any nutrient system, it ensures the efficient uptake of primary, secondary, and micro nutrients. With Jungle Juice Micro, growers can trust in a comprehensive solution that fuels every stage of plant development.

Jungle Juice Bloom - flowering fertilizer

For a bountiful flowering phase, turn to Jungle Juice Bloom by Advanced Nutrients. Specifically formulated to optimize floral development, it boosts blossoming and aids in producing vibrant, aromatic, and flavorful crops. Packed with the essential nutrients, Jungle Juice Bloom ensures your plants flourish and achieve their full bloom potential.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice NPK ratio:

Jungle Juice Grow: NPK Ratio: 2-1-6

Tailored for the vegetative phase, Jungle Juice Grow ensures dynamic growth, prioritizing balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium contents to nurture young plants. Jungle Juice Micro: NPK Ratio: 5-0-1

Jungle Juice Micro offers foundational nutrients for maturing plants. With an emphasis on vigorous growth, its nitrogen-rich formula strengthens plants in preparation for flowering.

Jungle Juice Bloom: NPK Ratio: 0-5-4

Designed for the flowering phase, Jungle Juice Bloom emphasizes phosphorus and potassium, essential elements for optimizing bloom density, aroma, and overall quality.