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If you are looking for a professional aromatherapy device, in our store you will find high quality stationary and portable vaporizers, or a unique equipment for smokeless inhalation. The Vaporizer is a device with a relatively simple construction. It consists of a glass mouthpiece, a glass bulb and an internal heater with the possibility of free temperature control. In professional devices of this type, the temperature regulation is extremely precise, which allows you to choose the optimal temperature in terms of the characteristics of various species of herbs and plants used in aromatherapy. What is worth emphasizing, each presented vaporizer gives the possibility of smokeless, innocuous for inhalation. High-tech models of the presented equipment can be used in medicine, they are also standard equipment of many Dutch coffee shops. Cheaper vaporizers with simpler construction are still fully functional equipment, which will be a lot of fun for all fans of smokeless inhalations.