Wilma system

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What is the Wilma Hydroponic System?

Wilma self-watering pot system can be used with any ground including soil, coconut, clay pebbles
(e.g. Plagron Euro Pebbles) or mineral wool (e.g. Grodan mineral wool). In Wilma systems, the
nutrients (fertilizer) are stored in the base of the system. The water pump is then used to circulate
the nutrient solution through the drip lines and out through the drippers placed in each pot. When
this process is complete, the solution returns to the reservoir for reuse.

Why is it best to choose WILMA Hydroponic Systems?

Wilma hydroponics systems are great for beginners or experts in the field of plant growing. First of all, you dont have to manually water the plants and you have more control over the nutrition for the plants. Each kit is completed with the pump and all necessary parts; Wilma offers a wide range of sizes to choose from, making it adaptable to the most popular growing areas.