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BlueLab Combo Meters

BlueLab is renowned for its Combo Meters, which measure EC, pH, and temperature in one device. These meters supports the cultivation process by reducing the need for multiple tools and offer consistent accuracy. A choice favored by both beginners and experts, the BlueLab Combo Meter ensures optimal plant growth and a simplified cultivation experience.

EC Meters by Bluelab

Dedicated to precision, Bluelab's EC meters are quintessential tools for growers aiming for optimal nutrient concentration in their solutions. These meters are designed to ensure that plants receive the right amount of nutrients, leading to healthier growth and better yields.

Bluelab's pH Meters

Bluelab's pH meters, recognized for their precision, offer growers a reliable means to maintain optimal pH levels. Their user-friendly design and accuracy ensure optimal plant health and nutrient absorption.


About BlueLab Company:

BlueLab is a reputable company from New Zeland recognized for developing advanced EC, pH, and temperature meters designed for precision gardening. Their commitment to innovation and quality has placed them among the leading manufacturers in the cultivation industry. Their products are good as they look. 

Bluelab is an experienced manufacturer of measuring equipment, specializing in the production of high quality pH and EC meters. In the Growtent store assortment you will find a wide selection of this company's products. Among them are pocket-sized electronic pH and EC meters to measure the acidity and electrolytic conductivity of the substrate in plant crops. We also offer monitors for continuous measurement of pH, EC and temperature of crop watering solutions. The bluelab monitor installed in the hydroponic crops tank will ensure optimum properties of the nutrient solution. In addition to complete measuring devices, we also have replaceable electrodes for them. Bluelab electrodes must be stored in direct contact with KCl fluid.