Ventilation sets

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Adequate ventilation, as well as hydration, exposure and humidification of air, is one of the key elements of the correct cultivation of plants. Continuous air exchange, which is possible thanks to the fan, significantly affects the temperature in the rooms where the plants are planted - most often it lowers it. The fans are usually equipped with a carbon filter, thanks to which we can be sure that no unwanted odors and fumes will be allowed in the room. Complete ventilation tool kits contain various variable parts. Even though the connections themselves differ in the number of millimeters. The sets include the fan itself, a carbon filter, a connection flange, a ventilation duct, a duct fan, an insulated wire or a two-core mains cable. In each set, these components differ in certain parameters. Carefully study their properties to be able to properly choose the equipment for your needs and the room in which the plants are located, so as to provide them with the best conditions.