Green Sensation

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Green Sensation is a product made by Plagron and is one of the best flowering stimulants available on the market today, it is a comprehensive booster containing everything the plant needs during flower production.

According to the manufacturer, it is a 4 in 1 conditioner, so it fulfills a number of functions not only as a classic booster, Green Sensation is composed in such a way that it does not require the use of an additional PK conditioner because it itself contains a large concentration of these elements (9, 10), another similar stimulant is Bloombastic produced by Atami. In addition, both of these flowering boosters are very efficient, from a small capacity container we get huge amounts of a mixture ready for watering plants.

Green Sensation also contains enzymes responsible for decomposing dead organic matter, these are mainly woody roots which, in addition to occupying the space with new, young root suckers, can also store nutrients that are of no use in this form, so the enzymes are responsible for 2 functions, decomposing old roots and thus preventing aggregation of mineral salts in them.
Another function that this stimulator improves is the transmission of chemical signals in the plant, which translates into a stronger immune system, and accelerates the transport of nutrients from the leaves to the inflorescences, thanks to which we obtain larger and heavier flowers, which in turn affects abundant yields.

Green Sensation, similarly to products of other brands, such as Canna Boost or Hesi Boost, also increases the production and absorption of sugars, thanks to the improvement of the photosynthesis process, the production of sugars in the leaves is rapidly accelerated and the transport to flowers and fruits is rapid.
Summing up, Green Sensation is a comprehensive and efficient stimulator that works on many levels, improves the overall condition of the plant from the root zone to the flowers themselves.