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APTUS HOLLAND is not your typical fertilizer producer. Providing you with products is not their primary purpose. They believe that providing solutions and education to gardeners, farmers, etc. is more important than the number of sales. It took 10 years to develop lines of organic, organo-mineral nutrients and biostimulants to grow plants at maximum efficiency. APTUS HOLLAND products have been specially developed to ensure optimal nutrient sequencing and microbial stimulation to ensure your plants reach their maximum potential.

The philosophy behind APTUS HOLLAND

Humans, like plants, need good nutrition. If your plants are fed a small amount of nutrients, they are unable to produce valuable nutrients on their own. The corollary of poor plant nutrition is products that have almost zero health benefits. Today, farmlands are so over-cultivated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that the soil has almost zero microorganisms and trace elements. Without them, your crops have little or no nutritional value. By using APTUS HOLLAND fertilizers you can restore the soil to life, thanks to which the plants grow strong and healthy. In the long run, APTUS HOLLAND fertilizers will also help you. By eating healthy and nutrient-rich plants, your immune system will become stronger and you will experience the general energy boost you have for the day.

Avoiding problems before they happen with APTUS HOLLAND

By providing quality products and education, you can achieve the maximum potential of your plants while increasing your ability to grow them. In addition to "revitalizing" your soil, APTUS HOLLAND fertilizers protect your plants from pests, diseases and environmental problems. These products help your plants to protect themselves from all the dangers that surround them, as mother nature intended.

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