Set of nutrients

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Full sets of nutrients 

We offer the highest-quality nutrient, growth stimulator and supplement kits from renowned manufacturers like Advanced Nutrients, Aptus Holland, BioBizz, Canna, or Powder Feeding. In our wide range of products you can find sets suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, so you can create the perfect environment for your plants no matter the setup you use. With fertilizer sets you can supply your plants with balanced nutrients at every stage of growth, be it in soil, water or coconut coir. 

Why use a set of fertilizers?

Choosing a set saves you the hassle of finding individual products for your plants. The kits on offer are both cheaper and easier to use than individual products. The combinations have been carefully chosen by professionals so that you don’t have to worry about how your crops are going to turn out.Sets are also a great choice for beginner growers, who have not yet learned all the tricks. You don’t need to spend hours on researching the best nutrient combination – it has all been done for you already.