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What is mycorrhiza?

Mycorrhiza is a common and naturally occurring phenomenon of symbiosis between plant roots or vascular plant seeds and the fungus. The hyphae (fruiting bodies) of the mycelium, thanks to the symbiosis, increase the absorbent surface of the root even several thousand times, emit plant hormones, intensely increasing the growth and rooting phase of the plant. The mycorrhiza in the roots increases the plants' access to water, and thanks to the dissolution of mineral salts, the plant will be supplied with copper and zinc. Mycorrhizal fungi emit plant hormones that regulate the proper development and growth of plants, improving flowering. In the process of mycorrhiza, fungi produce a substance that acts as a natural antibiotic for the plant, protecting our plants against various diseases. This kind of vaccine is necessary for many plants, such as heathers and orchids. Without these substances, plants will not germinate. As a result of photosynthesis of the plant, the fungus receives various organic compounds formed in this process, including much needed glucose in a form that fungus is able to assimilate.

Mycorrhiza in the garden:

The presence of mycorrhizal fungi often required by plants is necessary for many plant species, including garden plants. Since mycorrhiza does not occur naturally in the garden, we have to take care of its presence in our plants. Various mycorrhizal preparations come to the rescue, which will help our plants to take root and help them develop properly. Due to its action, mycorrhiza is recommended when planting or transplanting plants. Once used, the mycorrhiza will remain in the roots of the plant forever. When using mycorrhiza, remember to use chlorine-free water, because chlorine reacts with mycorrhiza and destroys its mycelium.

Mycorrhiza in our store's offer:

The multitude of the advantages of mycorrhiza make it necessary to have fungi in our garden. Our store's offer includes powdered, granulated or liquid mycorrhiza from Plant Success, BAC and Biopon. The American company Plant Success, which specializes in the production of mycorrhiza, is one of the most respected producers of mycorrhiza on the market. The high efficiency of the products translates into a relatively low purchase cost, and the manufacturer's many years of experience will provide the plants with the desired results. BAC, a company dealing in the production of plant nutrients, thanks to its over 15 years of experience, is a world-renowned producer of mycorrhiza.