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Cannazym is a product that consists of twelve types of enzymes which, with the addition of vitamins and extracts from desert plants, accelerate the processes of decomposition of the dead root system. It also regenerates microorganisms, increases resistance to plant diseases and facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

What does Cannazym do?

Pathogenic mold is a significant threat to healthy roots, and its formation is associated with the remains of dead parts of the root system. The development of the fungus slows down the growth of the plant, strains it, and also poses a real threat to healthy roots. The presence of enzymes accelerates the reaction, which we can also observe in our bodies, because enzymes are an important link in the process of digesting food. The action of Cannazym facilitates the transformation of dead roots into sugars and minerals, which is important because these substances later become a valuable source of nutrients. Rapid conversion to minerals and carbohydrates creates a balanced atmosphere and earth hydrology in the root system. The consequence of these activities is the reduced risk of putrefactive processes, pathogenic infections and the reduction of the risk of the formation of toxic substances.

Results of using Cannazym

The result of using Cannazym is the protection of bacteria that occur near the roots, and are of great importance in keeping the root system in good condition. Thanks to this, the plant has a much better absorption of the desired ingredients, which creates a balance in development. The presence of several vitamins in the Cannazym product stimulates the plant to produce new roots, and an efficient root system is the basis of a healthy plant.

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