LUMATEK LED grow lights

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Lumatek - highest quality, professional LED plant lightning for most demanding growers

Are you an indoor plant enthusiast searching for the ultimate light solution? Lumatek LED lamps are your answer. Securing the top tier of LED technology, Lumatek introduces top-tier, professional LED plant lighting, suitable for both home enthusiasts and commercial growers.

Why should You choose Lumatek LED Lighting?

  1. Top quality and spectrum: Lumatek LED lamps are designed to mimic and complement natural daylight. Their wide range of spectrum ensures plants receive the right kind of light in vegetative or flowering growth stage.

  2. For each grower: With varying power options, these lamps cater to both amateur gardeners and professional growers. Whether you're cultivating a few plants at home or overseeing a large greenhouse, Lumatek has a solution made for you.

  3. Best energy efficiency: As the evolution of LED technology continues to phase out halogens and replace fluorescent fixtures, Lumatek stays ahead of the curve. Their LED lamps offer significant energy savings without compromising on luminous flux or spectrum range.

  4. Low temperatures: LEDs produce less heat compared to other light sources, reducing the risk of harming plants and the need for additional cooling systems in the growing area. 
  5. Low risk of maintenance: With fewer parts that can break or degrade, Lumatek LED lamps may require less maintenance and fewer replacements over time. Fanless design means no moving parts, making lumatek LED fixtures extremely durable, long-life and quiet.

Improve Your growing experience with Lumatek 

Lumatek doesn't just offer lighting solutions; they deliver growth-enhancing experiences. As pioneers in the industry, their innovative, modular, magnetic LED light bar design stands unmatched. Their flagship product, the Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro 2.9 LED, offers PPF of 1770 µmol/s and an impressive efficacy of up to 2.9 µmol/J, redefining the standards of indoor plant growth.

Step into the future of indoor gardening. Illuminate your plants potential with Lumatek LED lamps.