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HESI SuperVit is a highly concentrated plant stimulator consisting of 15 plant-active vitamins and 10 amino acids. Vitamins and amino acids are building blocks and biocatalysts in general metabolism. They structure DNA (the genetic material) and plant hormones (cytokinins and gibberellins) that control leaf growth and plant flowering. Vitamins and amino acids also play an active role in photosynthesis and energy supply.

Why You should use HESI SuperVit?

All plants need vitamins to live, just like we humans. Unlike humans, plants can produce all the necessary substances themselves, starting with inorganic fertilizers, water and carbon dioxide. If the plants are provided with additional quantities of these substances, the plants use them directly and save energy, which is then available for other purposes.

What does HESI SuperVit do?

SuperVit is a highly concentrated solution of vital plant ingredients that is naturally produced by fungi. SuperVit replaces the fungus function and makes the plant less dependent on weather conditions. Plants can optimally process the light provided (more photosynthesis). This will begin the growth of a strong, healthy plant and strong flower buds will form.

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