WOMA nutrients

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Why use WOMA nutrients

WOMA is a brand focused on making the complicated easy. Providing nutrition to your crops might seem like something difficult, but with this range of products it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Three nutrients – that’s all you need. Providing complete nutrition in just three steps is no small task, but after years of research the people at WOMA have managed just that. This removes your hassle – no more looking for the perfect combination, checking whether you are providing your crops with the appropriate nutrients or worrying about your yield. Nr. 1 provides complete basic nutrition, Nr. 2 is a powerful root stimulator, and Nr. 3 is a flowering stimulator. With those three products you can take care of your plant through its whole growth cycle. 

WOMA fertilizer

 WOMA fertilizer is a powder which provides complete nutrition. Its high concentration means it's very efficient – 1 kg can be used for about 1000 liters of water. The fertilizer is fully soluble. It is recommended to use it with two of the other products from the WOMA line: Root Stimulator and Booster.