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From the very beginning, high quality has been the main characteristic of Hesi plant fertilizers and supplements. Valuable ingredients such as amino acids, enzymes and vegetable sugar turn any product into a true "source of health" for plants. Intensive research into the secrets of metabolism has led HESI to develop optimal mixtures for each phase of plant life. The result is a well-thought-out range of fertilizers for universal use, instead of fertilizers for each type of plant separately! The extra nutrients act as a lotion to increase the energy of the plants. This makes the cultivation of indoor and garden plants a pure pleasure.

Division of HESI fertilizers

  • Hesi Boosters-Boosters help to quickly start up the microflora. They clean the substrate and increase plant metabolism.
  • Hesi Soil-Growing plants in soil differ from growing plants in hydroponic systems in many respects. The soil retains water and nutrients for longer, and enriches unused substances. Therefore, Hesi fertilizer is free of unnecessary substances and rich in organic fertilizer.
  • Hesi COCO-Coconut substrate is used in both pot and water systems, it is neutral and contains various minerals, among others. calcium. Hesi Coco fertilizers are adapted to this.
  • Hesi HYDRO-Fertilizers Hesi Hydro provide the water with all the necessary nutrients in the right concentration, so that all ingredients can be immediately absorbed by the roots.

All products are mixed, filled and packaged at a factory in Kerkrade (The Netherlands) before being shipped directly to customers. Short retention periods, batch numbering, "first-in-first-out" method and EAN-13 code are a matter of course. Hesi is a rapidly growing international company with a global reach covering Europe, America, Asia and South America, with a personal and down-to-earth approach. Satisfaction of the customer is their priority!

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