LED GROW lighting

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Modern LED lighting is a great way to improve the growing of plants at home, in total or partial isolation from natural sunlight. The Growtent store offer includes a number of professional Led Grow lighting sets, including LED panels from the PRO, COB and Regular series, as well as the Mars Hydro panels, which are exceptionally comfortable to use. You can choose between panels offering different lighting power, angle of incidence and spectrum of light. Regardless of the model you choose, we want to ensure that all Led Grow lamps are a good support for the entire development period of the plant, from the moment of germination, through the period of growth, to flowering or fruiting. Modern LED lighting is not only better conditions for growing plants, their faster growth and higher yields, but also longer life of lamps, less heat emitted by lamps and less electricity consumption. If you are looking for professional lighting, Led Grow lamps are currently the best solution for home plant crops.