Power cables & other

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Power Extensions for everyone's needs:

We offer a wide variety of grounded extension cords with switches. Our range includes models from 3 to even 9 sockets, ensuring flexibility and safety for all your electrical needs.

Vast range of Power Cables:

Dive into our extensive collection of power cables, catering to varied needs and ensuring secure, uninterrupted energy flow. Pug anything You need. 

Cable Extension Cords:

For those areas just out of reach, our cable extension cords offer the perfect solution. Reliable, safe, and efficient - they're a staple in any gardening space.

Garden Extension Cord:

Equip your outdoor gardening endeavors with our durable garden extension cords, designed specifically to withstand external elements while ensuring safe and uninterrupted power supply for your gardening tools and devices.

Power Extension Cord:

Elevate your workspace or garden with our power extension cords, offering both safety and flexibility. Tailored for various needs, they ensure a consistent power supply while accommodating multiple devices with ease.