Algae based fertilizers

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Fertilizers designed for soil cultivation. They help the plant to thrive during growth or flowering resulting in healthier plants that bloom profusely. They help repair plants that have been worsened by disease, pests, temperature fluctuations, essential nutrient deficiencies or overfeeding. They also provide green leaves to stimulate chlorophyll absorption.

Origin of Algea based fertilizers

To meet the global demand for food, the modern farmer relies heavily on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. While such supplements have helped many developing countries increase their yields, they have also caused many problems at the same time. The use of synthetic fertilizers not only increased the cost of food production, but also decreased soil fertility and degradation of the local ecosystem due to increased pollution in soil, water and air. Therefore, there is a need to look for such alternatives that can not only help combat the problem of pollution, but can also be used to increase plant production. Organic fertilizers or bio-fertilizers are one of the alternatives that are environmentally friendly, cost effective and improve soil quality without degrading the ecosystem. Among the various fertilizers available, organic algae fertilizers are considered a potential alternative to basic synthetic fertilizers as they are rich in macronutrients, micronutrients, some growth regulators, etc. which directly help improve the growth and yield of crops.

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